Travel Journal Supplies!

  Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m going on a trip next week, so I’ve decided to try my hand at keeping a travel journal. I haven’t been on holiday in *ages* so I’m so happy to … Continue reading “Travel Journal Supplies!”

wreck this journal

Creative Journey #2: Colouring & Exploring

Exploring with Colouring Books and a Wreck This Journal   I’m sure you’re all familiar with the surge in adult colouring and activity books over the past few years. I think they’re really great! I had an old, R20 colouring … Continue reading “Creative Journey #2: Colouring & Exploring”

creative journey

Creative Journey #1: Creative Beginnings

You may have noticed a lack of posts from me lately. I’ve been burnt out by university (my last, real break was at the start of 2015 – most of my holidays were spent working or studying since then) and … Continue reading “Creative Journey #1: Creative Beginnings”