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Planning a Holiday by Maximising your Leave Days!

table mountainAs a recent graduate, figuring out “Adulting” things such as leave days can be confusing. With so many public holidays, you want to be clever and optimise the time you take off. Fortunately, Travelstart has put together an extremely handy infographic to make this task easy for us. They also offer cheap flights to Cape Town and plenty of destinations across the country and across the world if you’re planning your holidays in advance.

instax vacation pictures

Since I’m planning-obsessed, I’ll be sharing more on how to plan your year overall and how this fits in with having a planning system, as well as some really great ways to spend your holiday!

Planning your leave days

Most of the planning that I’ve spoken about before focuses on tracking, organising and short-term planning. However, knowing what your whole year looks like is a great way to prevent yourself from getting lost in your day-to-day activities. For example, if you have a goal about start running? In mid-summer, when it’s hot and there are lots of fun races? Or in Winter, when the weather is cooler and you can fight off lethargy (although the limited daylight might be restrictive)? Similarly, knowing when the best times are to book your leave can help you figure out when you can travel to somewhere exciting to escape dreary, July weather.

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Now you must be wondering how to incorporate this into your planning system. I would print out this infographic and paste it into my bullet journal or diary for easy reference. Then, find your nearest calendar and start evaluating what your year looks like and when you would like some time off. Don’t forget to factor in major events, like weddings, religious holidays, etc and start marking off (in pencil!) the dates you think would work best.

Don’t be afraid to shift things around and check with your family, partner or friends so that you can spend your time off with your loved ones. Once you’ve finalised the dates, you’ve got your ideal leave calendar for the year!


What to do during your time off

Now that your dates are finalised and applied for (assuming that it gets approved by your employer), you’ve now got lots to look forward to. Travelling is one of the best ways to spend your leave days(who doesn’t love a good vacation!) and you can check out some of my posts on my recent trip to Bali if you need some inspiration. Another good place to check out is Travelstart and browse flights according to the dates they have available! If you’d like to come to Cape Town, you might want to wait until after the drought ends though.

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I am also a strong believer in just taking some time off to yourself and sorting your life out. Kind of like a reset day, but for a few days or a week. In fact, this is how I spent most of my Easter and September breaks while at university – getting my sh*t together so that I could make it through exams and the stressful parts of the year.

I hope you find this infographic and post helpful. If you’re looking for cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, make sure you check out Travelstart. How will you be planning your leave days and your year?

xx Munira


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

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