What I Learnt in My First Year Blogging!

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since I first launched A Touch of Starlight! I’m so happy and proud of myself for blogging for a year and not giving up. First of all – I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog, subscribing, sharing my posts and supported me. I am extremely grateful to everyone and God for helping me get this far. So I thought I’d share what I learnt during my first year of blogging in this anniversary post.


What I learnt during my first year of blogging

It’s fun and challenging

I started blogging because I needed a hobby to take my mind off my stressful Honours year. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do! I love the chance to challenge myself creatively. Coming up with new post ideas, writing the blog posts themselves, styling photos for my instagram, learning about SEO and so many other small-but-exciting challenges. There’s so much still to learn and I love it.

It’s a lot of hard work

Blogging is full of hard work. Many people sit back and think “psssht, blogging. Anyone can do that.”. Little do they know…Blogging takes time and effort and it requires consistent hard work. Content creators all know the struggle.

Patience is key

Growth happens over time. There’s no shortcut to growing your blog – unless you want to be gross and buy followers. If you sit around agonising over numbers, you’re never going to get anywhere with your work. If you work hard and have patience, then your blog will grow. That’s the magic secret.

Sometimes things don’t go so well and that’s fine

Not every blog post brings in a record number of views and search engine traffic. Some just sit unread. Sometimes that picture I planned to the t doesn’t turn out great and I have to archive it or delete it. It doesn’t matter. Every time something doesn’t go well, it’s a chance for me to learn how to improve!

Being ambitious doesn’t hurt

Although my blog is only one year old, and my IG doesn’t even have 1000 followers, it doesn’t hurt to take myself seriously and act like a professional. That includes being ambitious and reaching out to brands! When I reached out to Alison about her WOW Diary, I didn’t expect her to respond. Fortunately, she did and I could write this wonderful review and share an amazing planning system.

It’s about a community

I’m so grateful to all of the blogging friends I’ve made over this past year. They are a constant source of inspiration and support. It really feels like I’m part of a community. Special shout-outs the South African Bookstagram community¬†and the South African Bloggers Network facebook group! The best community that I’ve found – my readers. Thank you for reading my blog and for supporting me. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I’ll be doing a special giveaway soon to show my thanks so stay tuned!

I hope you’ve found this post to be inspiring and useful! What have you learnt from the time period that you’ve been blogging? Let me know in the comments and please remember to subscribe to my blog through wordpress in the sidebar! Love you all!

xx Munira



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