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My 2018 Planning System – My Secrets to Staying Organised!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great 2018 so far. If not – no worries! The year has only just begun. In this post, I thought I’d share my 2018 planning system. I couldn’t settle on just using my WOW Diary or my bullet journal – so I decided to use both! Since most people go with just one, I’d like to talk about how I’ll be using them together.



I’ll also include some of my favourite planning supplies – in case 2018 is the first year you’ll be setting up your own planning system and need some ideas! BONUS: I’ll be sharing some of my bullet journal spreads for the new year. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get organised, this blog post might help!

My Planning Supplies

First of all – I’d like to stress that you do not need any fancy supplies to be organised. All you need is a simple pen in a colour of your choice and a notebook that’s a comfortable size. Anything else is a bonus. I love planning and stationery, so I do sometimes go a bit overboard with my supplies (leave a comment if you have this same problem). Here are some of the stationery and planning supplies that I’ll be using this year:

planning system 2018

The Moleskine notebook will function as my bullet journal (yes – I will eventually write a “how to bullet journal” post – but this video from the original bullet journal website will explain some of the basics) and I’ll be using my WOW diary as a regular diary/planner. Here’s how:


My Planning System

I haven’t used a proper, dated diary since 2014! However, this WOW Diary is simply too convenient not to use. I’ve decided that I’ll be using my WOW diary for day-to-day planning. It’s a place for me to write down my to-do list every day, schedule my appointments and ensure that I’m doing everything I need to do. The WOW Diary has so many useful sections that I can almost entirely omit from my bullet journal. However, it does lack something that I can’t live without – weekly planning.

My favourite pens – plus a few extras. If you want more decoration, consider using a brush pen!

If you follow my instagram, then you’ve seen some of my weekly bullet journal spreads. They include my habit trackers, my goals for the week and help me assign tasks from my bigger goals to specific days. In 2017, I almost exclusively used weekly planning to stay organised. So, in 2018, that will be the main purpose of my bullet journal. It will be a place to keep my week-at-a-glance. Of course, I’ll also be creating tons of “collections” in my bullet journal for my goals and other various activities. This year, I’ve decided to switch from a square-grid to a dot grid. Although I like how clean it looks, I’m disappointed with the Moleskine dot grid paper. It’s much thinner than the square-grid paper and I’d rather go with a different brand like Rhodia in the future.

Colour coding and decorating

I’ve also decided to be a bit more creative and colourful with my bullet journals – while still maintaining a bit of minimalism. I’m using my Stabilo fineliner pens for doodling and adding a bit of colour, and my pastel highlighters for emphasis and colour coding the different areas of my life.

I love washi tape for marking off specific pages. It’s like a mini bookmark! I used some pink washi tape to mark off each month in my WOW Diary for convenience and in my bullet journal to refer to pages I like. Fun fact – I don’t bother with an index and page numbers anymore.

BONUS: Some of my bullet journal spreads

As promised – here are some of my bullet journal spreads (or collections – whatever you prefer to call them).

bujo yoga workout tracker
I’ll be using this spread to track my workouts and exercise for the year. Next to it, I made a special page with all the different yoga practices I’d like to try out

bullet journal ideas


If you have any questions about planning or bullet journal – please leave them in the comments. The best place to find my most recent bullet journal ideas is my instagram so please give me a follow! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in the sidebar to stay up-to-date with my latest blog posts. I hope this post has given you some ideas for how to set up your own planning system for the new year.

Happy planning!

xx Munira

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