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What I’m Taking with to Bali and Dubai!

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited because, on Wednesday, I’m going on holiday to Bali and Dubai with my family! I’ve never been to Bali before and it looks absolutely amazing, so I’m really excited. Because I’m no stranger to travel, I thought I would share what I’m taking with as the first part of a small travel series!

This post isn’t going to be a breakdown of every single thing that I’m taking with, but it will be an overview of what I like to pack to make my trip amazing. I hope you enjoy this post and if you’d like me to post more about travel, please leave a comment!


My Carry-On Bag (my in-flight essentials)

What you have with you on the plane can make our break your travel experience. Since we’ll be flying via Dubai from Cape Town, that’s about 20 hours of travel time. Not fun. So, I make sure I have everything I need with me. Some of the most important things are:

  • A book to read
  • YouTube videos downloaded on my phone
  • A good playlist + earphones
  • A hoodie and socks (planes are cold)
  • A regular pillow instead of one of those travel abominations
  • My travel journal essentials
  • My own, dry snacks (plane food does not agree with me)

Fortunately, Emirates has really good in-flight entertainment so I’m leaving my laptop at home. I’ll either watch movies or sleep on the flights.

the goldfinch


Because Bali and Dubai are very hot places, I’m taking with as many skirts and dresses that I can. Hot, tropical places also mean that I get to do one of my favourite activities – swimming! I like to get my swimming clothes from MRP Sport, since it’s the easiest place to find affordable, modest swimwear. My typical swimming/beach outfit consists of a surf top/rash vest and a longer-length board shorts. I’ll usually wear a regular bathing suit underneath for comfort, and wear a dress on the way and back.

For a trip like this one, my clothing consists of a mixture of casual t-shirts and lightweight jeans, some pretty skirts and dresses, and a few more “dressier” but still lightweight and comfortable tops. I want to be relaxed and not worried about my clothes too much – while still maintaining my modesty.


Make-Up and Toiletries

Let me make one thing clear – you do not have to spend extra money on travel-sized items. I recently got a set of travel containers from Dischem (but they sell these everywhere) and decanted my usual shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, shower gel, etc into these small containers and I’m sorted. I put it all into a ziplock plastic bag *just* in case anything spills or leaks but that can happen with travel-sized products too.┬áThe only products I take with me that are purchased travel sized are my contact-lens solution, and micellar water because they’re very difficult to decant.

ecotools brushes

This is the first time travelling that I’ve actually had a full make-up bag *gasps*. The main reason? I want to look good in my IG photos (lol). But seriously though – I could get by with just my concealer, eyeliner and a few lipsticks. I decided to throw in a BB cream (the Sorbet one is really good) and some powder just in case I want to do something a little more, and a tiny little eyeshadow quad from essence. When in hot places, I usually don’t end up wearing make-up at all but it’s nice to have it as a back-up (especially because Dubai is so glam!).

make up essentials


I’m leaving my laptop at home. Yep – I am. I don’t want the stress of making sure it’s safe while I’m on holiday. I will take with a flash drive with a few documents I’m working on – since my sister is taking her laptop with and I have a few deadlines. But otherwise, I’ll be taking with my new Canon EOS M10 camera (which I LOVE), my cellphone and my Instax. Just remember – if you’re taking with electronics, make sure you have the correct adaptors for their chargers!!!

I do like to download some YouTube videos onto my phone (you can do this directly in the app) to watch on the plane while offline. Remember to keep a powerbank and chargers with you because they can be lifesaving if you’re in an emergency – and printouts of your travel documents just in case. Often with travel, it’s better to stay safe than sorry!


Heading off

On that note – I won’t be posting again until the new year! If you’d like to follow along on my travels, make sure you’re following me on instagram! I’m trying to get to 1000 followers by the end of the year so it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out.

What are you taking with you on your travels this holiday season? Let me know in the comments. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. I’ll be back in the New Year with some awesome new posts on goal setting and follow-up posts about my travels. Subscribe to my email list in the sidebar if you’d like to get those posts straight to your inbox!

xx Munira

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