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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m going on a trip next week, so I’ve decided to try my hand at keeping a travel journal. I haven’t been on holiday in *ages* so I’m so happy to be going away. I thought I’d share the travel journal supplies that I’m planning on taking with. Because this holiday is a road trip, I might share my road trip essentials in an upcoming post if anyone is interested!

What is a Travel Journal?

Quite simply, a travel journal is a journal you keep for your travels. Some people prefer writing about their experiences, some people prefer drawing, and some people prefer scrapbooking. I like to keep a mixture! I enjoy journalling throughout the trip, especially the writing part, so I can capture what I experience and how I feel in the moment. Other people prefer planning out their journal spreads, writing only a little and journalling properly when they get home. Journalling is such a personal form of creativity that there is really no right or wrong way to do it.

My Travel Journal Supplies

If you’ve been watching my instagram stories recently, you may have seen me setting up my new travel journal. Because I like to journal on-the-go, it’s important for me to have a notebook that’s lightweight and small. That’s why I’ve decided on a Moleskine Cahier notebook for my travel journal. I went with the A5 size and plain paper, with the kraft brown cover, but they are available in a range of colours, sizes and paper styles. These come in packs of three and they’re the most affordable of all the Moleskine notebooks.


I love taking photographs on a trip, so I absolutely adore my Fujifilm  Instax Mini 8 camera. It’s small and prints out photos instantly. I like having an instant camera with limited film for trips because it forces me to be more deliberate with what I capture, and helps me focus on the most important and memorable aspects. I do also take a billion snaps on my smartphone camera for the memories, but physical photos are perfect for sticking in a travel journal. An alternative to this is leaving a blank space in your journal and printing out some of your smartphone snaps when you get home to stick in!

Pens and Pencils

I’m not great at art, but I’m taking a colouring book with for the road trip so I need a full set of colour pencils. I just grabbed my staedler colour pencils as they’re sturdy and have a good range of colours (though I’m not really a fan of them otherwise).

Pro tip: use an elastic band to keep pens and markers together

For the rest of my supplies, I’ve decided to stick to Minnie Small’s travel journal advice and choose a colour scheme. Since it’s winter, and I’m going to be near the sea, I’ve chose blues, greens, greys and browns as my colour scheme. I picked out some of my markers and stabilo fineliners in those colours to take with.

I might reduce the number of markers and fineliners I take with to just one of each colour and alternate the shades, but this should give you an idea of the colour scheme I’m planning on using.




This would not be complete without some plain, black pens and a pencil. I just grabbed a few of my favourites, with different thicknesses and inks because I like writing and drawing in plain black pen. There’s something elegant about its simplicity.

I also threw in some of my brush pens that I’m experimenting with. I might just take with only the black brush pen, because I won’t really need so many colours with all the markers and fineliners I have.


Keeping it all together

I’m using this lovely pencil case from Typo to keep everything together. It’s the same pencil case that I use on a daily basis so it’s perfect. I also threw in a green and a blue washi tape, some glue stick, a pair of scissors, eraser, sharpener and a compass (I often end up drawing circles – don’t ask) and a mini ruler. I find these really useful to have, especially for sticking in maps, flyers, tickets and all kinds of other fun memorabilia from a trip!


Do you keep a travel journal? What are your favourite supplies and travel journal supplies! Let me know in the comments!

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xx Munira



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