How to Have a Reset Day

It’s February and I’m sure that many of you have already long-forgotten your New Year’s Resolutions. They’re tucked away in on a page somewhere, rarely looked at, and there’s that slight guilt of “why can’t I stick to my goals?”. It happens to all of us. Apathy and lethargy set in, and those goals feel more like a burden than something exciting. This is why I rely on reset days to help me stay on track.

So what is a reset day?

A reset day is a day where you refocus on your goals and concentrate on building your better life. You can a day – any day – to reset your lifestyle and start fresh. It’s difficult to build consistent habits, so a reset day prompts you back into a new routine. You can choose to have a reset day whenever you feel like you need one, so you don’t have to wait around for the new year/new month/your birthday and fall back into lethargy. They form an important part of my personal self-care.



What will you need

You don’t need much to have a reset day, but here are some things that help:

  • A day off – preferably to yourself. I like to have reset days on a Sunday because I have very few obligations on Sundays. Having it on a Sunday also sets me up for a better Monday and a better week.
  • Your favoured planning system.
  • A journal or notebook and a pen
  • Motivational books, YouTube videos, e.t.c.
  • Anything else you use to relax, such as scented candles or music.

How it works

I like to start by ensuring my space is clean and organized. So I’ll spend a bit of time clearing up my room so that I have a good atmosphere to settle into. I’ll put on some music and my fairy lights (mostly for the aesthetic to be quite honest). Then, I’ll settle down at my desk with my journal and some tea or coffee and my laptop.


I’ll use my laptop to watch some of my favourite motivational videos (I love, love, love Kalyn Nicholson’s “Let’s Get Real” and her “Fitness Friday” videos for this purpose) while I have my tea and open up my planner for the week and journal. I’ll make notes of my goals in my journal and immediately start filling in small steps to my schedule for the week. For example, if I want to get back on track with my workouts and health, I’ll schedule in some time to do yoga and set a daily reminder to drink water. Scheduling while I’m motivated and feeling good about my goals helps me commit to them.

I will also write down an ideal day routine. Routines are key for achieving bigger goals, so making space for the important things I never seem to find time to do is a good idea on a reset day. I try to stick to these routines as closely as possible through the week.


I will also set some small rewards for myself. Staying within the exercise example. I’ll set a reward of new yoga tights or a cute new exercise shirt if I complete ten workouts. I don’t set a time limit to when I need to complete the goal by, but looking at cute sportswear usually gets me motivated to work towards it – and it feels really great knowing I earned my new workout clothes.


Getting to work

If there are things that I can do to start my goals on that day, then I’ll start immediately after I’ve completed my journalling and planning. If not, I’ll set up everything I can to make the rest of the week easier for myself.


Lastly, I’ll chill out for the rest of the time. A reset day shouldn’t be stressful in any way. I’ll read, or watch some more YouTube videos, or find other ways to relax. I firmly believe in spending a good amount of time on self care to ensure that I have enough energy and motivation to make it through the rest of the week – or however long it is until my next reset day.

Would you try out a reset day? Are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know in the comments.

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xx Munira

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